Richard Klas

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. If you are like me, I wanted to create not only an amazingly successful real estate career but a career fueled with passion. Working with coach Maria Bradfield has been more profitable and amazing than I ever thought possible. Her support and ENCOURAGE- MENT is invaluable and even when I doubt my own skills and know how, she is always there to provide the support, the knowledge base and her practical career experience that gives me exactly what I need to be confident and professionally successful. I cannot begin to think of another way to leverage my career in a more effective and efficient manner. Once she is a part of your team, you will have confidence and assurance that you could not possibly be a successful and as passionate working without her as you are with her. You deserve to be the best that you can and she is here to support you in being exactly that.

— Richard Klas