Xoel Pamos

When I started my career on the real estate field I was introduced to Maria by my broker. I was skeptical at first on using a coach but I’m so glad I did. Maria’s guidance and positive approach helped me to overcome my worst fears and bad habits and I learned to be held accountable for my wrong choices in my business. I became a lot more assertive and much more organized. In fact, everything in my life changed dramatically once I started working with Maria. I learned how to use her motivation to empower every single category in life. Her coaching was exactly what I needed. She is tough when she has to be, but she does know what she is talking about and knows when to let you off the hook. She is always there for me, helps me trough and most importantly teaches me how to get through tough situations on my own. Maria has a charming and unique personality and she is definitely an inspiring woman. She has helped me and keeps teaching me how to live my dreams and become more than I thought was possible. I have grown so much professionally and I feel that I can accomplish anything and talk to anyone at a high level with 100% confidence. Most important, Maria believed on my success way before I did. With her coaching methods she helps me to visualize my success, stay focused and achieve my goals. I am very grateful for all that she has done for me. I would recommend her life and career coaching to anyone who wants to better them selves and their lives.

— Xoel Pamos